Clivia miniata

'Chubb's Peach'


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Clivia miniata

‘Chubb’s Peach’

These seeds are best sown as soon as possible

Growing Clivia from seed

The growing medium should be well-drained and slightly acidic. A damp mixture of fine bark, fine grit and ericaceous compost works well.

Sow the seeds on the top of the compost, pressing to ensure good contact. The black eye of the seed should be to the side. Cover the pot with a plastic wrap or lid and leave in a warm place out of direct sunlight. Germination 1-3 weeks.

Transplant the seedlings at least 2cm apart into a 15cm deep pot, compacting the compost and using a pencil or dibber to make small holes to take the taproot. Insert the seedlings gently, leaving the top half of the seed visible above the surface. Place the pot in a shady position and mist once or twice a week.

Grow on for up to two years before transplanting into larger pots or into the garden in full shade or dappled sunlight. They benefit from a feed of bonemeal when transplanted. Clivia generally flower in 3-5 years.

TIP: Seedlings which will produce yellow flowers can be identified by looking at the stem when the first leaf is about 2cm tall. No colouring on the stem signifies a yellow flower.


As these seeds have been home saved by our members, some may come up different from the stated type, but we hope you simply have fun growing them. All images are representative only.